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Harmony Through Film In Fiji

Ah, Fiji..

Land of lush greenery, vibrant culture and endless tropical reefs; a breath of fresh air as I look out my window on descent into Nadi.

Glancing at the main island, Viti Levu at 20,000 ft is an incredible sight. It’s no wonder, films such as The Blue Lagoon [Brooke Shields] and Cast Away [Tom Hanks] have graced the shores of such a well kept gem.

The 2015 Fiji Film Festival has come to an end after 6 days and 205 films screened across the country.

President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau opened the night in Suva, elaborating on the importance of uniting cultures through film:

“Films will not only entertain us but they can also enlighten and educate us on different cultural norms and practices of the various civilisations that exist within Fiji and around the world.

This can help engender a greater understanding and appreciation of one another, which in turn could lead to improved harmony at the local and national levels. Cinematic arts can also inspire people to reach their dreams and aspirations.”

Like Fiji’s previous Film Festivals, its 6th addition brought an opportunity to showcase films that wouldn’t usually make it to commercial cinema, enlightening the Fijian public on a diverse range of film from the U.S, China, Iran, India and Fiji.

In regard to this, Ratu Epeli added that “good cinema is an important and powerful tool for universal communication. It will provide the opportunity for our people from all walks of life to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world through the medium of cinema”.

We couldn’t agree more! Developing a strong sense of community through film is what we want to see more of.

Pasifika film not only showcases creative thought, but allows our people to exhibit their own stories to a broader audience, encouraging a realm of understanding of cultural differences among our Pacific Island people, something we look forward to continuing.

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