Film submission deadline extended!

Yet another successful and busy week has passed for the Pasifika Film Fest team!

One thing we feel strongly about here at PFF, is the art of storytelling. The importance of submitting a film to the festival is much more than an entry – your work has the potential to make an impact, to influence good and contribute understanding to not only Pacific people, but people of different cultures around the world. We want to see our faces, our journeys and our stories displayed to an audience, that’d perhaps help encourage other Pasifika writers and film makers to come forward!

In saying that and with exciting times ahead, we are pleased to announce another TWO WEEKS has been added to the Film Submission Deadline – YES, an extra 2 weeks to get those awesomely creative pieces of work to the festival by SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 6TH! What better opportunity than more time to join a stream of many talented Pasifika film makers and have your work exposed to great diverse audience!

For more information and to submit your films, visit –

Now, behind the works of this year’s film festival comes long nights and hard work. Our amazing PFFF team came together this week to collaborate a video introducing one another and the roles we play behind the scenes, also some thoughts on what the Pasifika Film Festival means for us…enjoy!

“..I don’t feel like you can actually place a value on how important it is for us to continue sharing our stories…to me, it’s more important than gold, more important than diamonds as cheesy as that sounds. I keep saying it -it’s not something that I think you can actually place a value on because it’s so important for us to continue being able to communicate with each other that way..”

Natasha Westropp, PFF blogger, child of Samoa, citizen of the world

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