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Catching up with Evelyn

"Pacific Film helps shed light on real stories our people experience. The Pasifika Film Fest encourages a great platform where our voices, struggles and realities can be heard and related to through the art of film." – Evelyn Vaigalu

Good morning all! What a busy yet colourful month of July it’s been for the Pasifika Film Fest team. Collaborating an endless stream of ideas has certainly kept us on our feet!

In saying that, we’re pleased to announce a new Ambassador to PFF Miss Face Of Beauty 2014, Evelyn Vaigalu!

Since her beauty pageant in Taiwan last October, she’s certainly made an impact on the Pacific youth, bringing a positive light on self confidence and body image. Her talents have led her to modelling with Ethnic Models and Salt & Light Threads clothing label, as well as a presenting role with Pacific Illustrated. We caught up with the iconic beauty who shared her thoughts on Pacific film and what it means to her..

What do you love about Pasifika Films?

“I love the history and raw truth that is captured in them. Watching a Pasifika Film captivates me so much because we’re watching our own people on the screens retelling our history or capturing our culture. Amazes me because it always reminds me of home (Samoa) I love it.”

What are you looking forward to the most about the PasifikFilmFest?

“I’m definitely looking forward to learning and experiencing the different cultures within our Pacific.

It’s incredible how different yet how similar each culture is.”

If you were to make a film for the PFF, what would it be about?

“I would love to make a film about a 21st century child time travelling back into the 19th/20th centuries and living life how our ancestors did. That’s something I’ve always wondered what it’d be like.”

Do you have a Pasifika story or legend passed down to you from an elder?

“Apart from the horror tales that my grandparents and parents would tell us about in Samoa to scare us, my favourite would be the story of “Nafanua”. She was a warrior who fought in the war who didn’t reveal she was a female until a gust of wind revealed her breasts. The enemies surrendered the battle against her because of the shame they had battling a women. Absolutely amazing.”

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