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Regular Film Submission Deadline – Sunday 9th August 2015

The opportunity to share your stories is upon us!

There hasn’t been a better time to submit your film entries to the Pasifika Film Festival. With less than 1 week ’til the regular submission deadline, the team is excited to have received a great volume of films so far!

As Pacific Islanders, storytelling comes almost as second nature. It’s something we’ve been brought up with through school, sport and family. At PFF, the importance of maintaining a positive outlet for Pacific expression through film is something we feel strongly about. This week, I sat down with PFF Directors, Kalo Fainu and Nigel Vagana to discuss their thoughts on the festival nearing the Regular Submission Deadline on August 9th.

There’s been a lot of attention nearing our regular submission deadline – what are you looking forward to most about the material coming through to Pasifika Film Fest?

Kalo: Its content – Pacific stories are unique. The films are coming from Pacific perspectives where lots of people are able to connect with these films. We want to show people they can become the owners of their own stories. I think that’s probably one of the messages I’d like people to get from this film festival.

Nigel: We see the world through our own eyes; a lot of people out there don’t get an opportunity to see the world through Pacific eyes. Film makers will be seeing different perspectives on these situations that happen around the world. Pasifika people connect with it more because we have a different sense of humour and sensitivity; so the opportunity to showcase that side to – not just the commercial world – but the commercial audience is important.

Through PFF, Pasifika filmmakers have the opportunity to showcase their work to a wide audience. What other opportunities can they look forward to through the festival?

Kalo: Filmmakers will have the opportunity to be represented through their work – as all opportunities present themselves, you never know where it make take you, or who might see your film!

Nigel: The festival presents a unique experience that some film makers may’ve not yet have had. The festival will bring exposure to your work and will gain viewing from a diverse audience. It’s a chance for us to celebrate all things Pacific and embrace the talent we have.

What visions do you have in the future for the Film Festival?

Kalo: In the future we’re looking at providing education on film through school and possibly creating scholarships for films schools. I think part of our long term vision would also be expansion. At the moment we just have a festival in Sydney, but I guess part of our long term vision would be, to not only have it extend throughout Australia, but throughout the whole Pacific region. Could we make a travelling film festival, where we take a portion of the festival to the Pacific Islands?

Nigel: Our purpose is to provide opportunity for our people to showcase their stories to a wide audience. We want our people to break new ground and share their talent of storytelling through film. In the future we hope to bring mentors in the industry to help the next generation; we want to break through new ground and let people know that there’re people that can help support them. Technology has certainly opened up the world to everyone and we want to use technology to open

up our people and our culture. The platform social media brings, now makes it a lot easier for our Pasifika people to connect and share ideas.

Pasifika Film Fest blogger, Natasha Westropp is a child of Samoa and a citizen of the world

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